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Thread is in the Blocked state while waiting for the monitor lock to enter a synchronized block or method or to reenter a synchronized block or method after calling Object.wait().


* The current thread must own this object's monitor. The thread

* releases ownership of this monitor and waits until another thread

* notifies threads waiting on this object's monitor to wake up

* either through a call to the {@codenotify} method or the

* {@codenotifyAll} method. The thread then waits until it can

* re-obtain ownership of the monitor and resumes execution.


* The awakened thread will not be able to proceed until the current

* thread relinquishes the lock on this object. The awakened thread will

* compete in the usual manner with any other threads that might be

* actively competing to synchronize on this object; for example, the

* awakened thread enjoys no reliable privilege or disadvantage in being

* the next thread to lock this object.



106 次点击  
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